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The Story

Tahurai comes from a native family of Teahupo’o

In 1835, Haamoeura Tetuaeaha married Manarii Taupua in Teahupo’o. They paddled on their Polynesian canoes from Aitutaki in Cook Islands straight to the wild bay of Hava’e Teahupo’o. The ancestors said that each Polynesian Family has a sacred animal related to each clan. For Tahurai’s family, it is the prestigious manta ray


Tahurai grew up in this small village after the end of the road,  and learned how to surf at the little beach break in front of the bridge.

 Former professional bodyboarder, Tahurai always welcomed his friends at his grandmother’s house

Today he lives with his wife, Hinatea and their son Tokihi. In 2019, they decided to open their surf house and share their Teahupo’o lifestyle with their guests. 

Respect our nature, our people and our culture

Tahurai & Hinatea